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Thesis defended

Magdalena Mikrut has got her PhD degree. Congratulations!

Redox activity of particulate matter in the context of autoimmune diseases development.



9th Czech – Polish Catalytic Symposium

Our results were presented at the 9th Czech – Polish Catalytic Symposium, held in Ostrava, Czech Republic, on February 7th, 2020. We have presented 4 lectures. The symposium as always was packed with many interesting presentations but we also had time for discussions.


Job offer!

We are looking for a Postdoctoral researcher to work in SHENG project “Photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide based on p-type semiconuctors”.

The job offer can be downloaded from here.

Group members

Job inquiry

We are looking for a researcher to work in TEAM project “In quest of a more efficient quantum solar energy exploitation in energy downhill and uphill photocatalytic processes (INGENIOUS)”.

The inquiry can be downloaded here.