Kaja Spilarewicz

Kaja Spilarewicz received her bachelor‘s degrees in cosmetology from the Medical University of Lodz (2011) and in chemistry from the University of Lodz (2012). She continued her study chemistry at the University of Lodz. In 2014 she defended her master’s thesis entitled “Preparation of composite titanium dioxide coatings and monitoring of their activity under UV illumination”. In 2017 she obtained PRELUDIUM grant, entitled “ Designing of titanium dioxide nanocomposites with silver nanoparticles and graphene for photocatalytic applications.” From 2016 to 2019 she worked as an assistant at the University of Lodz. In 2019 she defended her doctoral dissertation entitled “Assessment of the impact of graphene oxide and silver nanostructures on photocatalytic activity of titanium dioxide coatings.” She is currently a postdoc in the SHENG project “Photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide-based on p-type semiconductors”.

Scientific interests:

Photocatalysis. Designing and characteristics of nanomaterials.



ORCID iD icon http://orcid.org/0000-0001-8428-8387

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