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2023-10-01T09:44:26+02:001st September 2023|

Our recent paper, submitted to J. Phys. Chem. C, has been chosen by the editors for feature on the cover page. The manuscript, titled “Spectroscopic and Spectroelectrochemical Studies on the Redox Properties of Zinc Sulfide and Their Impact on Photocatalytic Activity,” focuses on the analysis of the electronic structure using emission and absorption UV–vis spectroscopy, along with diffuse reflectance spectroelectrochemistry (SE-DRS).

The study is centred on zinc sulfide (ZnS), a well-known photocatalyst with strong reducing properties and efficient visible light photoluminescence. Our research confirms the presence of deep electronic states within ZnS, including surface states, which significantly affect its reduction abilities. We also propose models for the electronic structures associated with potential photophysical processes, both for sulfur-rich and sulfur-deficient materials.

Remarkably, our proposed models suggest that the energy of photogenerated electrons is significantly lower than what is typically considered based on the conduction band edge level. However, our photocatalytic tests demonstrate that these electrons possess sufficient potential to drive hydrogen evolution and CO2 reduction processes

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