Scaning Electron Microscope2024-05-08T10:07:11+02:00

The scanning electron microscope enables imaging of materials with a resolution of up to 2 nm. The capacious microscope chamber allows for the imaging and analysis of large samples, both inorganic and biological, and the dedicated Peltier stage allows the sample to be frozen during the measurement (-60°C). SE and BSE detectors allow to study sample topography and distinguish sample areas with different elemental compositions. A special STEM attachment allows the microscope to work in transmission mode. In addition, the LVSTD detector allows measurements in a low vacuum (environmental mode). The microscope is also equipped with an EDS detector enabling elemental analysis of the tested materials and the creation of maps of their distribution. In addition, the laboratory is equipped with a sputtering device that allows to cover non-conductive samples with a nanometric layer of gold or other metals.

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