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Thesis defended

Magdalena Mikrut has got her PhD degree. Congratulations!

Redox activity of particulate matter in the context of autoimmune diseases development.



9th Czech – Polish Catalytic Symposium

Our results were presented at the 9th Czech – Polish Catalytic Symposium, held in Ostrava, Czech Republic, on February 7th, 2020. We have presented 4 lectures. The symposium as always was packed with many interesting presentations but we also had time for discussions.


Job offer!

We are looking for a Postdoctoral researcher to work in SHENG project “Photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide based on p-type semiconuctors”.

The job offer can be downloaded from here.

Group members

Job inquiry

We are looking for a researcher to work in TEAM project “In quest of a more efficient quantum solar energy exploitation in energy downhill and uphill photocatalytic processes (INGENIOUS)”.

The inquiry can be downloaded here.


Solar project granted

Group of Prof. Wojciech Macyk is one of three Polish research teams involved in projects awarded in the Solar-Driven Chemistry call. The project Interfacial engineering of semiconductors for highly selective light-driven chemical transformations, investigated by Prof. Wojciech Macyk, is aimed to study the possibility of selectivity control in photo(electro)catalytic processes through engineering the semiconductor/solvent or semiconductor/gas interfaces. Photo(electro)catalytic reactions are the solar-driven processes that can be used to produce solar fuels, fine chemicals or to depollute water and air. The project will involve research teams led by Prof. Radim Beránek from Ulm University (project leader), Prof. Timo Jacob (Ulm University), and Prof. Markku Leskela (University of Helsinki).



MINIATURA project granted

Dr. Mateusz Trochowski obtained a grant from the National Science Centre within Miniatura 3 program. The project goal and title are “Selective photocatalytic reduction of aromatic nitro compounds in the presence of zinc oxide decorated with noble metal nanoparticles.”.



Symbol 2019 gala

Today Professor Macyk attended gala dinner at which he received the Symbol 2019 award. The Symbol is an award that shows the appreciation for actions, projects and achievements of the Group of Photocatalysis.