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2018-02-09T10:31:33+01:0024th July 2014|

Our new paper submitted to Dalton Transactions has been selected by the Editors to be announced at the first cover page. The paper entitled “UV and visible light active aqueous titanium dioxide colloids stabilized by surfactants” (Michał Pacia, Piotr Warszyński, Wojciech Macyk; Dalton Trans. 2014, 43, 12480-12485) describes the synthesis and activity of photosensitized titanium dioxides nanoparticles stabilized by micelles formed in the presence of TWEEN® 80 surfactant. The micelles are stable in water at pH = 7, while their structure and size depend on the surface modification of TiO2. The activity towards reactive oxygen species generation induced by visible light, stability at neutral pH in the form of transparent colloids and simple preparation are very promising features of the developed systems.

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