Anna Jakimińska2021-04-30T09:59:17+02:00

Anna Jakimińska received her BSc in chemistry from the University of Lodz in 2017 defending the thesis entitled  ”Preparation of graphene oxide”. In the next year, she obtained the Student Research Grant „Production of silver-palladium bimetallic systems embedded on graphene oxide for photocatalytic applications”. In 2019 she defended her master thesis entitled: “Application of 2D materials in photocatalysis” and received a congratulatory letter from the rector of the University of Lodz. In October 2019 she started her Ph.D. studies at the Jagiellonian University in the Group of Photocatalysis, where she works in the OPUS 14 project.

Scientific interests:

Heterogeneous photocatalysis, fluorescent dyes, metallic nanostructures, silver and its compounds, nanomaterials synthesis, and characterization.

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