SONATA project granted

Dr. Joanna Kuncewicz obtained a grant from National Science Centre within SONATA 13 programme. The project goal and title are “Studies on the interaction of semiconductors with metal-organic frameworks (MOF) and its influence on photoinduced processes”.



Prof. Wojciech Macyk and dr Joanna Kuncewicz are laureates of the prestigeous Foundation for Polish Science TEAM project. The project entitled “In quest of a more efficient quantum solar energy exploitation in energy downhill and uphill photocatalytic processes (INGENIOUS)” goals are to elaborate various photocatalytic and hybrid photocatalytic/catalytic materials with significantly improved efficiencies of quantum solar energy utilization.


OPUS project granted

Prof. Wojciech Macyk obtained a grant from National Science Centre within OPUS 10 programme. The project “Engineering of electronic states in semiconductor photocatalysts” is focused on design and characterization of electronic properties of semiconducting materials.



PRELUDIUM project granted

MSc. Marcin Surówka obtained a grant from National Science Centre within PRELUDIUM 8 programme. The project goal and title are “Charakterystyka spektroskopowa i fotokatalityczna materiałów opartych na tlenku tytanu(IV) modyfikowanych różnymi tlenkami metali”.



Invited lecture

Prof. Paweł Kulesza from University of Warsaw was our guest today.


In September and October our results were presented at several conferences in Poland and abroad:

Second recruitment for TEAM

The second recruitment procedure has been finished and the new TEAM members have been selected:

Dr. Kezhen Qi (post-doc)

Kacper Pilarczyk (student)

Małgorzata Kubiak (student)

Michał Kawa (student)

We would like to acknowledge everybody who applied. The last recruitment will be announced in spring 2014.

Welcome back!

Dr. Joanna Kuncewicz came back after a long (30 months) post-doctoral leave to Sapporo, Hokkaido University (group of Prof. Bunsho Ohtani).