SEM purchase

Our group has received a scanning electron microscope TESCAN VEGA3 LMU. The microscope is equipped with LaB6 cathode, SE, BSE and EDX detectors and enables measurements in a low vacuum mode (up to 500 Pa). The analyzed samples can be gold-coated in a high quality desk-top coater.



In September and October our results were presented at several conferences in Poland and abroad:


Second recruitment for TEAM

The second recruitment procedure has been finished and the new TEAM members have been selected:

Dr. Kezhen Qi (post-doc)

Kacper Pilarczyk (student)

Małgorzata Kubiak (student)

Michał Kawa (student)

We would like to acknowledge everybody who applied. The last recruitment will be announced in spring 2014.


Welcome back!

Dr. Joanna Kuncewicz came back after a long (30 months) post-doctoral leave to Sapporo, Hokkaido University (group of Prof. Bunsho Ohtani).

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Thesis defended

Marta Buchalska has got her PhD degree. Congratulation!

Processes of Photoinduced Charge and Energy Transfer in Presence of Nanocrystaline TiOPhotosensitized with TiIV Complexes

High photocatalytic activity upon irradiation with UV light is one of major advantage of TiO2. This material can also be easily modified and sensitized to be active in visible light range. Especially modification with organic compounds that contain O-donor bonding groups often leads to stable and colorful charge transfer complexes. The aim of this study was to determine the mechanisms of photoinduced charge and energy transfer processes, that occur in presence of colloidal, nanocrystalline TiOwith modified surface. read more