Thesis defended

Rafał Sadowski has got his PhD degree. Congratulation!

Photocatalytic coatings for medicine and food industry

The main goal of the doctoral thesis was to obtain stable and photoactive upon visible light irradiation semiconductor coatings on various polymers. A further purpose of this study was to understand the nature of semiconductor particles binding to polymer surface and determination of physical and chemical properties of the photocatalytic coatings. Additionally, the most active coatings were subjected to microbiological tests based on a modified ISO standard. The goal has been achieved by three steps procedure: activation, immobilization and sensitization. The crucial step was activation of the polymer surface read more

Thesis defended

Tomasz Baran has got his PhD degree. Congratulation!

Photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide in hybrid systems

Carbon dioxide utilization may contribute to controlling its atmosphere level, reducing the emission and recycling carbon. Various methods of CO2 reduction are under intensive study, including photocatalysis that is promising, environmentally friendly technique of solar to chemical energy conversion. Three strategies of CO2 reduction to useful chemicals and fuels were investigated: photocatalytic carboxylation of organic compounds with CO2 reducing coupling, photocatalytic CO2 reduction to C1 compounds and bioinspired systems for CO2 reduction read more

Thesis defended

Elżbieta Świętek has got her PhD degree. Congratulation!

Redox Characteristics of Semiconducting Photocatalytic Materials

The aim of the studies was to develop the method based on spectroelectrochemical measurements, which allows for the characterization of redox properties of various types of semiconducting materials, including determination of the impact of structural modification and surface as well as the influence of the experimental conditions on the redox properties of the semiconductors. As a part of this work a concise description of the methods used for characterization of redox properties of semiconducting photocatalytic materials was carried out and a novel model of photoinduced electron transfer read more

Group trip

To activate not only small molecules, but also minds and bodies, on April 11-12th we enjoyed a trip to Pieniny mountains. We spent two nice days hiking in this beautiful area. (Everybody reached Trzy Korony.)

New group member

Dr. Kezhen Qi joined our group. Welcome to Kraków!